Weed Management

Tasman Council Weed Management Plan 2018-2023

Vision: To implement an effective, coordinated and practical weed management programme to reduce the economical, ecological and social impacts of weeds in the Tasman Municipality.

The plan provides a practical framework for weed management across the Tasman municipal area over the next five years. It sets out strategic priorities for weed management within the municipality and provides specific actions for weed control within road reserves and other land managed by the Tasman Council.

Tasman Weed Management Plan 2018-2023 (3.1 MiB)

As part of the Tasman Council Weed Management Plan, assistance with weed control work may be possible to assist eligible landholders reduce the impacts of weeds in the municipality.

Preference will be given to landholders who meet the following selection criteria:

  • The weed is part of an outlying population and is a spreading threat to surrounding areas free of the weed.
  • Landholders are committed to ongoing weed control.
  • The landholder will be working with neighbours or community groups (such as Landcare/Coastcare) to control weeds on a larger scale

Tasman Council Weed Project Officer  will provide up to two hours free weed control for eligible properties, along with advice and an action plan for future work.  For sites that need more than two hours work property owners can choose to pay for extra hours (at a rate of $47hr) or organise their own control for the extra work needed.

Weeds eligible:

  • gorse
  • African boxthorn
  • Patterson’s curse
  • serrated tussock
  • pampas
  • boneseed
  • ragwort
  • Spanish heath
  • brooms

Other weeds will be considered if they meet the above selection criteria.

Please note assistance will be prioritised based on the selection criteria. The scheme will be ongoing. You are invited to participate by registering your expression of interest to Tasman Council NRM.  Ph: 6250 9205, tasman@tasman.tas.gov.au

For information and control advice on Priority weeds of the Tasman Municipality

2013 post fire weed hygeine alerts – Sommers Bay, Murdunna, Eaglehawk Neck and Taranna

Unwanted Weed in the Tasman Municipality

Pampas Grass

What is it? 
Pampas grasses are tussocky perennial grasses that can grow up to three meters in height.  They produce distinctive plumes of large feathery flowers on long stalks; the flowers are a pale straw colour, often with a purple tinge (cutting grass is very similar but this native plant has a black flower head).  Coming into flower, now is the best time to identify. Pampas grasses are highly flammable aggressive invaders which swiftly out-compete native species and create a significant fire risk.

What can you do?
All pampas grasses are declared weeds under Tasmania’s Weed Management Act 1999.  It is your responsibility under the Act to control pampas grass on your land.  It is important to act quickly, because pampas flowers produce up to 100,000 seeds each, and these can be windblown up to 25km.
Council’s NRM Officer can help with identifying pampas grass and provide you with information on how to control it.

Report it!
If you see pampas grass, report it urgently to the council.  For more information, contact John Hueston (NRM and Weed Officer) on (03) 6250 9205 or email john.hueston@tasman.tas.gov.au.

Weed spray unit available for hire

The Quik Spray Unit has been established by stakeholder to assist in the implementation of the Tasman Weed Management Strategy.  If you are interested in hiring the unit please read the attached guidelines
The Quik Spray Unit Procedures and Guidelines establish the position of the Tasman Council regarding the use of Council’s Quik Spray Unit by members of community groups, contractors and partnership organisations in respect to the responsibilities of those “Users”.

Users need to hold a current Chem Cert qualification.

Council is committed to ensure that Users possess the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, qualifications and attitudes to use the Quik Spray Unit.  The Council staff will provide sufficient training to Users on their first time of hiring the Quik Spray Unit.


Quick Spray Unit Procedures Guidelines Final Draft (168.3 KiB)

Southern Tasmania Weed control contractors

If you are an absentee landowner in the Tasman Municipality, or need assistance with weed control on your property, you may want to enlist a professional weed control contractor.  The Southern Tasmania Weed control contractors list has  been  developed  to  make  it  easier  for  southern  land  managers  to contact  professional  weed  control  operators qualified  and skilled  at  controlling environmental, pasture and woody weeds.

For more information on NRM in the Tasman Municipality please contact:

Tasman Council Natural Resource Management (NRM) Officer 03 6250 9205, john.hueston@tasman.tas.gov.au

Working to achieve positive NRM outcomes, in collaboration with NRM South and the Tasman Landcare Group