Community Housing Units

Tasman Council own and manage 8 Independent Living Units and 5 Affordable Housing Units, located in Nubeena, within walking distance of numerous facilities and services.

Independent Living Units

The 8 Independent Living Units are 1 bedroom only and are not disability units.  Persons with special needs should pursue alternative accommodation and/or support services.  When units become available, Council will advertise the vacancy, however applications will be accepted at any time.  Applications can be emailed to Council at posted or dropping into the Council office at 1713 Main Road, Nubeena 7184.  All applications will be reviewed and the applicant that is most in need, will be offered tenancy.

427.6 KiB
701.0 KiB
590.7 KiB

Affordable Housing Units

The 5 Affordable Housing Units are managed differently to the other units.  Applicants seeking accommodation with these units are required to register through the Housing Connect website  When a unit becomes vacant, the registered applicants with Housing Connect will be reviewed and the most in need applicant will be offered tenancy.