Place of Assembly

Place of Assembly
A place of assembly is required for any mass outdoor public event. This means an event with over 1000 people for 2 hours or more. It may be any performance, exhibition, circus, festival, food festival, pageant, regatta, sports event, dance or publicly advertised lecture.
Council wishes to advise that jumping castles, zorb balls and similar (land-borne inflatable amusements) can no longer be used or erected at any event being held on Council owned land, or land controlled by the Council or in Council facilities.  This decision was endorsed at the Council Meeting held on Wednesday 23 February 2022, and will be reviewed periodically.
If you are planning to operate an event of that size and nature, or you are planning to lease a property as a place of assembly, you need to apply for a place of assembly license. Please contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 03 6250 9200 if you require any assistance with the process.
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