Economic & Business Development

Our Economy

The Tasman Council plays a pivotal role in fostering a thriving economy within the region. Through strategic planning and community-focused initiatives, the Council contributes to steady economic growth and development. Our region’s success is reflected in a steady increase in employment opportunities, particularly in sectors such as tourism, aquaculture, agriculture and small business ventures.

With a supportive environment for entrepreneurship and innovation, coupled with breathtaking natural landscapes and a vibrant local culture, the Tasman Council continues to pave the way for economic prosperity and quality of life for our residents.

For more information on our economic data for the region, refer to Remplan.

Supporting Business

Tasman Council is proud to be one of the founding members of the South Eastern Regional Development Association (SERDA), which aims to support and promote business and economic activity in the region.

SERDA has been pivotal in the creation of BEST (Business & Employment Southeast Tasmania), a community designed program providing a localised and flexible, person-centred approach to delivering employment services to the community.

BEST provides businesses an opportunity to connect with free business advice as this service offers one-on-one advice with an experienced business advisor. BEST has access to a range of training packages and providers and will help you to find the right package for you or your business.

Employers looking for recruitment services and training are well catered for by a team who knows that ‘the right fit’ is essential, and who know the local market and local people.  You can get in touch with Olivia (0458 953 324) or email for more information.

Looking for work?  BEST offers a local jobs board and will help you with your individual journey to employment with tailored assistance and advice. To contact BEST go to .

Business Tasmania are a State Government organisation, especially designed to connect small business with resources and assistance.  Their assistance includes advice on starting a business, funding for small business, and a range of fact sheets, training opportunities for business owners and assistance with marketing and other aspects of business management.

Business Tasmania can be contacted on 1800 440 026 or at

Tasman Council serves to provide a supportive business environment in terms of processes, incentives, communication networks and information.

We can provide assistance in:

  • Facilitating development opportunities
  • Identifying development sites and opportunities consistent with the municipal land-use planning scheme
  • Provision of information and advice to potential developers
  • Marketing the local area as a place of business and a visitor destination
  • Active involvement in regional development issues
  • Acting as a lobbyist or advocate on local industry
  • Undertaking settlement revitalisation projects.

For further information contact Tasman Council, on (03) 6250 9200 or via email:

Resources we may assist with include:

  • Providing statistics on the local area and region to aid in developing your business proposal
  • Providing information to identify suitable sites to establish your business
  • Facilitate meetings with key Council personnel to discuss your proposal
  • Advising on government programs that may be of assistance
  • Providing links to relevant local and regional industry groups and networks
  • Referring you to business assistance and advisory services if required
  • Referring for environmental & heritage assessments
  • Discussing possible rate remissions for developments that provide a direct community benefit.

Tasman Council is not able to provide information on whether your business proposal looks viable, how to operate your business, or one-off assistance with training, development of business plans, business budgets or similar.  However, we can direct you to other services that can provide this specialist assistance.

If you would like to register your new or existing Tasman Peninsula based business to receive business related communications from Tasman Council, please submit your details below.