Tasman Community Awards

The Tasman Community Awards were presented at the opening of the Art & Craft Exhibition on Friday 26 January 2024.  Mayor Rod Macdonald presented the awards along with Australia Day Ambassador, Paul Stephanus with an audience of more than 170 people there to help congratulation the award recipients.

With a record number of nominations received, congratulations to those nominated.

Community Event of the Year:

  • Lightwave Festival
  • Nubeena Bee Festival & Ball
  • Koonya Garlic Festival

Community Group of the Year:

  • Eaglehawk Neck Community Hall
  • Tasman Voice for Health, 2 nominations

Young Citizen of the Year:

  • Amy Willey
  • Maggie Eldridge

Citizen of the Year:

  • Tony Creese
  • Karen Zabegala
  • Carey Sharman
  • Sandy Stacey
  • Dale Batchelor
  • Helena Swift


Community Event of the Year: Nubeena Bee Festival and Ball

From left to right: Darrell Booth, Susie Berwick, Sylvia Dunn, Julie Poole, Graeme Poole

The idea started from a get together at the Pear Shed in 2022 and grew from there.  With support from Tasman Rotary and local business the idea grew into a wonderful community event showcasing local talent, produce and product and created a buzz in our community.  In its first year the event saw 1,000 plus people attend.  We look forward to the next one.

Community Group of the Year: Eaglehawk Neck Community Hall

From left to right: BACK – Jill Pierce, Sallie Creese, John Gardiner, Tim Berry. FRONT – Denise Moser, Heather Henri

The Hall Association runs events to bring local people together such as Bush Dances, Community BBQs, classical music concerts, theatre performances, Rock and Roll events, and Seniors Week events.  The Association gives donations to community groups helping those in need and maintains the hall meticulously. They also hold a monthly market that brings community together and people to the region. The hall is described as the “heart ” of Eaglehawk Neck.

Young Citizen of the Year: Maggie Eldridge

From left to right: Mayor, Rod Macdonald, Maggie Ethridge

Maggie is a Nursing Student and Children’s Disability Support Worker and lifelong resident of the Tasman Peninsula.  She is passionate about helping others, about health and about her home, the Tasman Peninsula.  Maggie has been a part of the Tasman Voice for Health since its beginning in February 2022.  It is incredibly unique for a young person to be so dedicated to a cause as to want to spend their free time coming to committee meetings, despite working, studying to be a nurse and caring for family members. Often, she needs to travel to the Peninsula for meetings as she is currently living in Hobart for study.  She is a dedicated group member who takes her role seriously and acts to both present her own youth perspective to our meetings as well as engaging other young people to listen to their ideas.  Maggie is already making an impact on the health of the Tasman Peninsula through her advocacy and has great potential for growth in this area, through both her professional and volunteer work.

Citizen of the Year: Sanda Stacey

From left to right: Mayor, Rod Macdonald, Sandy Stacey

Sandy joined the local volunteer ambulance back in 2010 long before we had a permanent paramedic stationed on the Peninsula.  Sandy is dedicated to her role as a Volunteer Ambulance Officer and has looked after many people over the years. During this time Sandy has worked endless weekend and nights shifts working with the local paramedic.  Sandy has also been a good mentor for other fellow Volunteers and has helped guide them through the training required so they too can become a volunteer.