Drought Weeds Grant Program 2020/21

The Tasmanian Government is funding a grant program to assist farmers in the drought affected municipalities of Tasman, Sorell, Glamorgan Spring Bay, Southern Midlands and Break O’Day to tackle weeds issues that have been exacerbated by drought.

The grant program is administered by the respective council and will provide a rebate of up to 66% of the costs of weed control up to a value of $2500.  There is a total $30,000 available for farmers in the Tasman Municipality so it is expected that around 10 projects will be approved with any remaining funds going to capacity building to support all farmers with weed control.

Details of the program, the eligibility requirements and the application form are presented below:

300.7 KiB
63.8 KiB

If you have any questions about the grant program or your particular weed issue please contact Tasman Council’s NRM Project Officer to discuss:

Email: john.hueston@tasman.tas.gov.au

Mob: 0477 719 711

If your application will include work from a contractor you will need to include a quote for the work.  Below are four contractors that undertake weed control in the Municipality.

EcoWorks – Oliver – otstrutt@gmail.com 0407 352 479

Pakana Services – http://www.pakanaservices.com.au/contact/ 0419 091 515

All Weed Solutions – Maurice allweedsolutions@bigpond.com ph: 0438 081 473

Statewide Contracting – Luke – swctas@gmail.com 0438 014 479

If you are not a primary producer there is a further round of grants under the weed action fund opening sometime this spring.  You can register your interest at the following link: