Proposed Amalgamation

Local Government Board Review – Sorell and Tasman Councils


On 3 August 2018, the Minister for Local Government, the Hon Peter Gutwein MP, published the Local Government Board’s Final Report: Review of Voluntary Amalgamation and Shared Services Options for the Sorell and Tasman Councils.

The Executive Summary of the Report is also available to view and download.

The Board recommended that the Sorell and Tasman Councils pursue voluntary amalgamation, because of the potential to deliver a range of financial and strategic benefits for both Councils and their communities.

The Board proposed a transitional process that would see the election of councillors for a new, amalgamated council by the end of 2019.

The Minister initiated the Review at the request of the Sorell and Tasman Councils. In undertaking the Review, the Board engaged independent consultants to provide expert advice and analysis, and undertook significant consultation with Councils, other stakeholders and the broader community.

It is the Tasmanian Government’s view that any changes must be driven and supported by the local communities themselves.

The Councils considered the Board’s recommendations and made decision as to whether they wish to pursue amalgamation.

The following associated documents for the Review are available to view and download:

The Councils considered the Board’s recommendations and subsequently made decisions as to whether they wished to pursue amalgamation.  Sorell Council on 21 August 2018 voted unanimously to amalgamate however, Tasman Council on 29 August 2018 voted against the amalgamation.

Since that time, Local Government Elections occurred in October 2018 with new Councillors being appointed.  At 28 November 2018 Council Meeting, Council rescinded its previous motion to abandon voluntary amalgamation so the newly elected Council could openly readdress this decision.

A Public Meeting was held and now Elector Poll has now followed on from this.

For further information or queries on the Report please contact the Local Government Division on (03) 6232 7022 or email

Additional Information on the Proposed Amalgamation

Back in February 2016, Council in partnership with the Department of Premier and Cabinet commenced a South East Council’s Feasibility Study (“The Study”) of potential voluntary amalgamations and shared services.  The purpose of the Study was to assist Council in determining whether there is merit in amalgamating with other south east Councils and to establish a baseline of information, data and modelling that can be used for consultation with the community.

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