Local Government Reform

The Tasmanian Government is undertaking a broad review of the role, function and design of Local Government in Tasmania.  Community input into the review is vital.

“The Future of Local Government Review has been commissioned by the Tasmanian Government to ensure our system of local government is robust, capable, and ready for the challenges and opportunities of the future. The Review is an ambitious, generational opportunity to explore the role, function, and design of local government in Tasmania.

The Minister for Local Government and Planning, the Hon Roger Jaensch MP, has appointed five members to the Local Government Board established under the Local Government Act 1993, which also includes the Director of Local Government, to undertake the Review. The Board is chaired by the Hon Sue Smith AM.

The Future of Local Government Review commenced on 20 January 2022 and will take approximately 18 months to complete.”

In December 2022, the Board released a stage 2 community update which can be reviewed on the future of local government review website, here: https://www.futurelocal.tas.gov.au/publications/

Beekeeper Registration

As part of the implementation of the Biosecurity Act 2019 (the Act), beekeeping is now considered a ‘regulated dealing’ and under the Act, a person must not engage in a regulated dealing unless they are registered. Therefore, registration is now compulsory for all Tasmanian commercial and recreational beekeepers. This requirement was formalised in new Biosecurity Regulations 2022 which came into effect on 2 November 2022.

This requirement to register under the Act extends to beekeepers who were previously registered under the Animal Health Act 1995, more information about who needs to be registered and the conditions of registration can be found at (beekeeper registration information)

A direct link to the registration form can be found here (beekeeper registration form).

Tasmania Fire Service are Recruiting Volunteers NOW!

Download the poster containing further information below.

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Community Event Information

For a full view of all Tasman community events http://tasmanpeninsula.com.au/wp/calendar/

Tasman Volunteering

As we are a small community, we rely on the support and volunteering of community members.  If you are interested in volunteering and would like more information on volunteering within the Tasman Community please click on the link below.

Tasman Volunteering Facebook Page

Local Service Providers List

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