Economic and Business Development Services

Tasman Council strives to provide a supportive business environment in terms of processes, incentives, communication networks and information.

Our Economic Development Services include:

  • Facilitating development opportunities;
  • Identifying development sites and opportunities consistent with the municipal land-use planning scheme.
  • Provision of information and advice to potential developers
  • Marketing the local area as a place of business and a visitor destination
  • Active involvement in regional development issues
  • Acting as a lobbyist or advocate for local industry
  • Undertaking settlement revitalisation projects

For further information contact Tasman Council on (03) 6250 9200 or via email

Resources to assist you

Our team can assist you by:

  • Providing statistics on the local area and region to assist you in developing a business proposal
  • Assist you to identify suitable sites to establish your business
  • Facilitate meetings with key Council personnel to discuss your proposal
  • Advising on government programs that may be of assistance
  • Linking you to relevant local and regional industry groups and networks
  • Referrals to business assistance and advisory services if required
  • Referrals for environmental & heritage assessments
  • Discussing possible rate remissions for developments that provide a direct community benefit

Tasman Council does not provide:

  • Business advice, such as whether or not your business proposal looks viable; how to operate or structure your business; or
  • One-on-one assistance such as training, development of business plans, financial budgets, etc.

However, help with these aspects is available from:

Business Tasmania
1800 440 026 or email

Tasman Council Planning Department

Our Planning Department will provide advice on:

  • Land usage and land zones
  • Development standards
  • Signage
  • Buildings and car parks
  • Change of use approvals
  • Planning permits according to the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act
  • Sub-divisions
  • Building regulations
  • Environmental Health
  • Food premises licensing
  • Sewerage & water

Please contact Council’s Planning Department on (03) 6250 9200 or via email: