Tasman Council own and manage four cemeteries within the Tasman area.

  • White Beach
  • Port Arthur
  • Premaydena
  • Roaring Beach

Cemetery Fees and Charges 2022-2023 – GST Included 

Burials 2022-2023
Child (0 – 3 years) $502.95
Child (4 – 10 years) $1,005.90
Single depth $2,012.60
Double depth $2,249.35
Reopening Grave
Single depth $1,243.85
Double depth $1,275.75
Exhumation Full Cost Recovery
Re-internment $1,054.75
Gravesite reservations $717.85
Memorial wall reservation $552.65
Placement of Ashes in Niche Wall or Reservation or Existing Grave (excluding cost of memorial plaque) $552.65
Other Costs
Excavation and /or attending weekends and public holidays $457.95
Permit for Burials on Private Land $332.55
Top soil for double depth burials with heavy clay based soils – Premaydena and Port Arthur Cemeteries $157.50

 For enquiries regarding the above cemeteries, such as reservations, burials or history please contact Tasman Council on (03) 6250 9200 or via email on tasman@tasman.tas.gov.au